Maine Culture was developed to celebrate the symbols that are specific to Maine’s unique landscape, wildlife, and lifestyle. I have always been fascinated with the power of lines, symbols, and designs to convey the most important parts of our history and our beliefs. In my native Ghanaian culture, there is a deep tradition of symbols being used in architecture, art, jewelry, and even in advertising to convey the history, philosophy, and religious beliefs of our people. These symbols represent a broad spectrum of universal human values, including the importance of family, integrity, tolerance, harmony, determination, and protection.

Through a winding road of educational and career choices, I have had the privilege of living in a variety of geographical locations. In each of them, I have learned something new about the importance of symbols in paying homage to our individual history and culture. This is absolutely true in Maine, the place I now call home. Its people share a pride of place that is undeniable in the way they talk, eat, work, and enjoy life. The designs I create are meant to honor the forms inherent to the culture of Maine, both simple and complex.

May they inspire you to embrace this beautiful and diverse place.

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